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www.AutismWhisperer.com PECS Schedule Giveaway!!

While are introducing the new website name we purchased in 2015!  www.AutismWhisperer.com!! We feel it better reflects our brand and resonates more the community we serve. 

ENTER TO WIN:  Go to https://www.facebook.com/learninginpictures and LIKE The Autism Whisperer Facebook page. Then scroll down to the post about the PECS Weekly Planner and Like it and Share it with your people. Then you are entered to win the product in the posted giveaway.

In an effort to boost Facebook recognition, and not by 'buying' Likes, we are going to be offering a series of giveaways every 1-2 weeks. When people Like and Share our Giveaway posts, they are automatically entered to win the item posted. The number of winners per post may vary.

Our first item giveaway is:  My PECS Weekly Planner Schedule Kit

Designed to be very budget friendly and all encompassing. You have everything here from daily activities, holidays and special occasions, velcro, and a heavy duty bound schedule book. All in color and commercially laminated.

My PECS Weekly Planner is a comprehensive schedule book for children with autism. This book was designed to be a complete and affordable book for families who have a child on the spectrum.


1 - Schedule Book (laminated and bound)
4 - Pages of symbols (140 PECS laminated and uncut)
1 - Pkg. Hook velcro dots (200 adhesive dots)
1 - Pkg. Loop velcro dots (200 adhesive dots)
1 - Page of days of the week (7 laminated and uncut)

You will receive a variety of symbols that include daily activities (breakfast, get dressed, brush teeth, backpack, bus, etc.) appropriate for boys and girls. You will also get a variety of holidays and special occasions, days of the week, grooming, meals, activities (swimming, watch dvd, computer time, grocery shopping). There are 140 PECS schedule icons.

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