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Autism Food Therapy Book - Interactive Communication Book - ABA - 60 Food symbols - Visual Aid for Children PECS - Interactive

The Autism Whisperer

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Does your child have a limited diet? Are you already in Food Therapy with your child? Do you want to help your child expand their food repertoire? Adding visual aids can help.

There are 60 food choices in this book. Some of these foods your child should already be familiar with and you can begin using your Food Therapy Book by presenting these foods first. On the I Want page on the back of this book, you can present food choices to your child. As the parent or therapist, you are in charge of the choice opportunities.

The I Want page is on the back of the book is for functionality. You don't want the book open while your child is making their 'choice' because looking at all of the other food choices would be too distracting. This way you can keep the book in a closed position during the choice process. All PECS store neatly inside the book.

Remember to use lots of praise and make sure this is a FUN activity. You don't want to turn this into a power struggle over food. Presenting each new food with a PECS symbol and seeing a visual before trying a new food is an extremely powerful tool. It helps to lessen their resistance and be more open to trying something new. At this point you can implement the Smell, Lick, and Taste procedure. Again, only gentle encouragement is advised.

You don't have to do any cutting or laminating. The book comes with Hook (scratchy) Velcro for your symbols and Loop (fuzzy) Velcro for book surfaces. 

This book measures 8" x 11" and includes 60 food symbols. ALL MATERIALS are printed in color on heavy duty card stock and heat laminated with commercial plastic. The book is bound with a vinyl coil binding and is extremely durable.

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