Pick A Page of PECS - Set of 20 Symbols – The Autism Whisperer

Pick A Page of PECS - Set of 20 Symbols

The Autism Whisperer

$ 25.00
Pick A Page of PECS - Set of 20 Symbols

Add 20 new symbols to your child's PECS Schedule book!

Need to update your child's PECS? Do you want new foods? New activities? Pics of relatives or new teachers? Favorite places?

Write up your list of PECS, place your order, send me your list and I will professionally laminate, precision cut, round corners, and ship them to you with your choice of hook or loop velcro for you to attach! They will look like they came with your set.

If your child likes a specific thing like 'cartoon' please tell me which cartoon is their favorite. Or if you want juice, and they ONLY drink 'orange juice' I need to know that. Otherwise I will try to fit the most generic picture to the request. If your child's babysitter is 'Kimmy' then you may want to send me a face picture of Kimmy. Likewise if there is a specific brand of food like 'pirate's booty' let me know.

I will try to ship them within 5 days. However, please remember that time starts AFTER I receive your complete list and any photographs you wish to add. Also, if I need to modify symbols for you or create new symbols for you, or look up several TV shows, or special toys on the internet... all of this will take extra time too. But the time it takes me to perfect your order only helps to ensure you have quality PECS sent to you.

Each square measures 2"x 2".

You can send a Note when you order or send your list of symbols to:   autismshopper@gmail.com 

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